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Medical tourism - a trip to another country to obtain medical care there.

For Ukraine, it is a relatively new area of tourism, which is growing rapidly.

From traditional holiday medical tourism is different because it allows you to combine relaxation with the high-quality medical service to the patient.

Nowadays medical tourism is becoming more and more popular due to the fact that modern Ukrainian clinics are ready to receive customers from all over the world.This allows the patient to choose the best experts in specific disease abroad.

In favour of Ukrainian medicine, especially dentistry and cosmetology, it is the factthat along with the high quality and wide range of services, prices for services are absolutely accessible to the widest range of customers.


Our service

Tourist information project Any Type Tour provides care for patients from abroad, , who have decided to use medical tourism services in Ukraine.

Often, the decision in favour of the health recovery in Ukraine negatively affected, so to speak, life factors.

Tourist afraid to visit another country, because he is not confident in providing of qualified support throughout the period of his stay in the country.

We will help you to find exactly the specialist who will solve your problems with health, organize online consultation and make an appointment..

We will offer you an interesting cultural program and will accompany you throughout the entire period of stay in the country and will assist with any questions.


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