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Ukrainian-Polish Dental Clinic SYMBIOTYKA in Lviv – is a company of experienced, ambitious and highly specialized medical workers.

The name of the dental clinic came from the word "symbiosis" that in our philosophy is the combination of modern technology with the human biological system with following the basic law of medicine - "Do no harm."

Our dentistry in Lviv based on association of different fields (medicine, finance, law). This combination has created a symbiosis of knowledge, which we implement in the management and life of the dental clinic.

Our purpose - to give people the most efficient way to meet the need to be healthy and live of a full life. We want to make people full of simplicity and logic efficient way of genius to his health. It is in your power to keep health and beauty, and our calling - to help you with this.


  • Diagnosis
  • Professional hygiene
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Paediatric Dentistry
  • Therapy
  • Surgery
  • Dental implantation
  • Orthopedics