Whom is this service for, you will ask ...
Our service is for you!
You are a tourist and plan travel in advance?
We have FREE independent tours of Lviv and commercial tours!
You are first time in the city and do not know from what to start?
Our service on the map will orient you to the area as well as offer short-term independent tours of Lviv with an audio guide!
You are on a business trip and do not have time for the long time excursion of Lviv?
Explore the sights on the way to the office, plan Tour of your own!
You want to know about the showplace, near which you walk every day?
Our FREE audio guide will tell you about it!

Here you will find:
- More than 1,000 markers on the map (hotels, restaurants, etc.);
- More than 100 attractions with descriptions, photos, video and audio;
- FREE independent tours of Lviv with an audio guide;
- Excursions and tours of Lviv with professional guides;
- Creating your personal tour.

We will give you the opportunity to explore the city, regardless of the number of coins in your pocket or time constraints.

The only main thing is - your desire.

We enjoy what we do and we do it for you!
Use it!

Catalogue of excursions

Catalogue of excursions - FREE and commercial, independent, individual and group

Lviv Audio

FREE application for mobile devices. Audio support for all sights. -

Creation of personal tours

Creation of personal route and booking tours

Medical tourism

Creation of personal route and booking tours