Ancient defensive walls of Lviv

How much they saw - Lviv ancient walls. How many centuries passed and who left traces on stones, whose cries of despair and triumph victories shudders these walls... Just think about it, visiting each successive fortification structure of the city.

Route: Wall and Tower of shopkeepers, Royal arsenal, the defensive walls of Lviv, the Powder Tower, City Arsenal, walls on the Mytnaya square, Citadel

Duration: 1 hr. 30 min (audio information at every place - up to 3 minutes).

Additional Information:

City Arsenal working hours: 10.00 - 17.30. A day off - Wednesday.Admission fee - 5.00 UAH. (For students, children and pensioners - 2.00 UAH.).

From the Arsenal to the Citadel you can walk, travel takes 20-25 minutes, OR you can use the tram №2 "st. Ruska " - " Main Post Office "(fare is 2.00 UAH.) and then walk up to 10 minutes.

About heroic past times reminds coat of arms of Lviv, which depicts the stone gate with three towers.

Fortress city ... Hearing these words, each in his imagination paints a majestic castles with impregnable walls, towers and battlements of which appear muskets defenders, moat, mound, heavy gates of the city, which holds a thick metal chain ... And sounds of battle - gnashing of knives, hiss flying cores, people screaming...

It's all about Lviv. Like every city of the time, Lions built as a fortress city, with all the standard attributes. However, until today the castle has not survived, but the remains of the fortifications and fortifications have been preserved and are waiting for visitors.

Touch to the secular stone in the masonry buildings close your eyes and listen ...

He has something to tell you.

Accompanied by the audio guide you will visit the remains of the walls of Lviv, the Powder Tower, Arsenal and see how small the town was in the Middle Ages.