Little-known monuments, Polish Lviv

«Polish Lviv». This concept is now a historical and cultural. History, as we know, is not rewritable. Cultural heritage can be destroyed, but this place can not be filled by something else other than the fact of destruction.Lviv is lucky, he survived. Neither war nor a change of power did not cause significant damage to it. And because of this, today we can enjoy its attractions.

Route: Gytsleva Gora (mountain), a monument of Adam Mickiewicz, the statue of Jan Kilinski, monument of Bartoš Glowacki, High Castle

Duration: up to 2:00 (audio information for each monument - up to 3 minutes).

Events, people, history... Everything was changing and each new page was written very carefully to leave behind a trail. Although the one who applied a hand to that, perhaps not thought about it. Each new government brought to Lviv new traditions, new names and new looks. And every government set up the monuments of their culture, which are often swept away the monuments of previous generations.

During this tour with audio guide you will get acquainted with the little-known attractions of Lviv, relating to the period "Polish Lviv."