By roads of Lviv's ghosts

Museum workers and guards can tell many horrible stories, they can even tell what kind of mood today had «their» ghosts ... It is your choice to believe them or not, maybe they are just an imagination or it is someone who lives in the space between past and present and sometimes reminds of itself ... It\'s up to you, but, just in case take and keep a talisman against evil spirits while visiting certain places. Some things do not depend on our knowledge and belief in them. You agree?..

About mysticism and ghosts in Lviv can speak and speak ... Almost every second monument of the city, in the old part, keeps the terrible secrets and hidden from human eyes the places where ghosts live. In the descriptions of many monuments found creepy legends about ghosts of former owners, and some say even seen them. Sometimes it's hard to explain but visiting some places, you fill an inexplicable fear. Perhaps at this moment one of the representatives of the other world to fool around...

Museum workers say that late at night in the old part of the city can be seen a ghost. And they say that these rumours true...

Audio guide will tell you which corners of Lviv you have to get round, walking around the city at night.

Route: Dominican cathedral, Lviv City Hall, Church of Saints Peter and Paul, the old book museum of Fedorov.

Duration: 1:00 (audio information at every place - up to 3 minutes).