Romantic Lviv – for lovers

Lviv is beautiful at any time of the year, especially for those who do not pay attention to the weather and time ... In the romantic Lviv each couple in love has its own special place associated with their memories and feelings ... But if you do not have a place yet, we suggest to see some of them, known and respected by all lovers. Who knows, maybe one of them will become your special...

Route: Fountains in the Market Square, Balcony of Lovers, bench of lovers, Italian courtyard, a monument to Leopold Masoch, fountain of lovers.

Duration: 1:00 (audio information at every place - up to 3 minutes).

Additional Information:

Italian courtyard is located on the territory of the Lviv History Museum, admission fee to the museum 10.00 UAH (for students, pensioners - 5.00 UAH.).

Entrance to the Italian courtyard - 2.00 UAH (for students, pensioners - 1.00 UAH.).

In the Italian courtyard works outdoor cafe, open hours: 10.00 - 23.00

Lviv is the city of romance and charm of chamber landscapes, sounds, smells, legends, eras ... It is impossible to convey in words, this can only be felt, walking arm in arm with your loved along ancient streets, unique courtyards, parks and squares. From the first steps on the ancient pavement you are falling into the romance of antiquity…

Lviv inspires sentiments and calls to the senses...

In Lviv, there are many romantic places and everyone chooses where to meet for the first time, for the first time to present flowers, dinner ... first kiss ... and a declaration of love.

The thrills will be added by an interesting person from Lviv, who said “there remains no feelings, primitive overshadows everything: you eat, because hungry, you love because you want to..."

Can you guess who is he? Leopold Masoch.

Audio guide will lead you to the most popular places among lovers. Perhaps today in one of these places you will find the love ...