Sacral Lviv

The ancient church, churches, temples have witnessed the development of the city over the millennia. They were destroyed, they experienced fires, their were wounded by cannonballs and bullets but they reappeared again and again in his majesty to bring us their secrets and pleasing the eye. In Lviv, there are no identical shrines and everyone can find a comfortable place to communicate with God.

Lviv - the only city in the world, where exist three of the archdioceses: Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox and Armenian. History and architecture of shrines, miracle-working icons and church tradition, religious orders and their past - to the knowledge of all this you have to spend not one day and not one year. Even to see all the sacred buildings need more than one day. The city has about 120 churches, churches, churches, and synagogues, not counting the chapels, which, as a rule, are located in the cemeteries. Audio guide you through the most popular sacred buildings of the medieval suburb. Among them you can find the only place where you want to stay and in the silence of the temple trust his thoughts to God and thank him for his love and affection.

Route: Latin Cathedral, Jesuit Church, Church of the Transfiguration, Armenian Cathedral, Dominican Church, Church of the Assumption.

Duration: 1:00 (audio information at every place - up to 3 minutes).