History of 6 ages on the same street. Armenian Street.

You will get acquainted with the history of the city as an example of one small street of the city - Armenian Street. The street preserved for you great monuments of ancient historical developments and quite «young» art forms, as well as the smallest monument in the city.

Route: Armenian Church, House of Armenian Archbishops, the history of creation of a kerosene lamp, home of the seasons, stairway to heaven, monument of smile, monument of Lviv's Batyar.

Duration: 1:00 (audio information every interest - up to 3 minutes).

Armenian Street has been known since 1444. The current street consists of two parts, separated across the street Krakow. Each part of the street in ancient times wore its own name. Academic, Universitetskaya, Ormyanskaya, Ormyanskaya higher, Ormyanskaya old, Byurgershtrasse (during the German occupation). Since 1946, the street is called Armenian, because it was the main street of the Armenian quarter.

Together with an audio guide you will walk one of the oldest streets in the city. Along the way you will meet all the sights, placed on it. You will feel the history of the street, since 1363 (Armenian Church) and up to 1993 ( Art Association "Dziga") and see something which will cause a smile and compel to philosophize...