Touch for good luck

Lviv is rich in monuments. Their variety, flavour and history attracts and lures. They can be seen, they can be admired, and even among them there are those, which are endowed with a certain force, which helps to fulfil desires and bring good luck. It is needed only to make a wish and touch them. But it must be very, very willing, and then the spirit of the monument will definitely help your wishes come true.

Who from us have not dreamed to catch a goldfish or let the genie out of the bottle to get what you want? Lviv has special places - places of miracles. At each of the sites, which will tell you the audio guide, it is easy to notice "secret" places that have touched the hands many people... Come all of their desires true or not nobody knows except the monument, which was entrusted with secret dreams. But do not even try to find out from him, because it's a secret ... Just try it yourself - to think a desire, the most secret, and leave this to the statue. But when your wish will be granted do not forget to come again in the magical city of Lion to thank a monument.

Dream! And if you do it with an open mind and a pure heart, any monument will be honoured to assist you in its implementation!

Route: Bench lovers monument kerosene lamp, a monument to smile, Nicephorus Drovnyak monument, a monument to chimney, brave soldier Shvejk, a monument of Lviv brewers.

Duration: 1:00 (audio information at every place - up to 3 minutes).

Additional information: For the fulfilment of dreams you have to touch monuments. It is MANDATORY