By rails of tram number 7

We begin the cycle of audio tours - by rails of tram number...It is very nice - on the weekend to ride the tram. No traffic jams, no crowds. You are sitting at the window and are completely ready to put your time on the rails of the legendary Lviv tram ...

Route: Lviv Opera - Lviv tram on Pidvalna street.

Duration: 20 minutes (audio information at every place - up to 2 minutes).

This tour is not only for visitors but also for the citizens of Lviv, who use rail transport not only on weekends...

Lviv's corks, certainly they are not in comparison with Kyiv but anyway they takes time.

Let's not waste our precious time on mere contemplation of the window! Connect our audio tour and you will enjoy the history of monuments, next to which are passing.

Our audio tours will be constantly updated with new monuments, the disclosures of which we are very carefully preparing for you.


Lviv tram fare is 2 UAH., for students - 1 UAH. Tickets can be purchased at kiosks at tram stops or in tram driver. Purchased tickets must be validated. Not validated ticket does not give the right to use the tram.