Lviv's amazing facilities

Only those who walk with their heads held high can discover secrets of buildings on their upper level, though ... it depends how attentive you are. You will be surprised to see the so-called Statue of Liberty, a ladder to the sky, a detailed definition of seasonal work among the peasants, the street with many names and a skyscraper.

Route: Bank, home of the seasons, ladder into the sky, the insurance company "Dniester", Archival Street, Shpreher’s house

Duration: 1:00 (audio information every interest - up to 3 minutes).

Among the everyday hustle and bustle do not always pay attention to building or monument on your way, and no time admire them... Everyday chores do not give a lift up the eyes, but exactly there, in the upper tiers of the ancient buildings very often are hidden answers on the questions about creator's plan of the building and its significance for the people of that time.

Statue of Liberty in Lviv? Is this possible?..

Who "dressed" the embroidered house?

Ladder in the sky like this?..

Why the street has a few names?

Walking with our audio guide you'll find the answers to these and other questions.