Intoxicating paths of Lviv

You will visit the places dear to every connoisseur of beer, taste the intoxicating drink in the oldest brewery in Ukraine and in the end of the tour you will probably guess the correct answer to the eternal question of Lviv philosophers - what was initially in Lviv coffee or beer?

Route: beer navel of Ukraine, monument of Centaur, Schwejk monument, monument Lviv brewers, brewery museum (in the old brewery in Ukraine).

Duration: 1:00 (audio information at every point - up to 3 minutes).

Additional Information:

Brewery Museum is open from 10.30 to 18.00. A day off - Tuesday.

Ticket price - 20.00 UAH. (for children - 5.00 UAH.).

Lviv Brewery Restaurant is open from 09.00 to 18.00 every day except Sunday.


What smells Lions? Beer lovers and coffee still argue. This is reminiscent of the age-old question of philosophy, you remember, about the chicken and the egg ...

At the same time, the proponents of "theory of beer" are more convincing, especially over a glass of intoxicating ... It is not surprising, because their are supported by Svejk! Or maybe you've heard about the coffee navel of Ukraine? Of course not, because it does not exist, but the beer navel exist, and it is in this town!

Visit the city and enjoy a glass of Lviv's beer ! ..

We will walk by intoxicating trails of the city, visit Shvejk, give a contribution to the hard work Brewers, we will see that beer Navel is material thing, will know the opinion of the Centaur about "beer theory", will learn about the history of brewing in Lviv and, in the end, over a glass of intoxicating will support the beer lovers in the difficult philosophical battles ...

And let coffee lovers repeat anything, but we now know exactly what a Lviv city smells.