1. For whom is your service ?
  2. What are the markers on the map ?
  3. How to work with the site ?
  4. Why register on the site ?
  5. How the Catalogue works ?
  6. How works service “Around me” ?
  7. On the map there are a lot of objects, how to choose the ones that interest me ?
  8. How to use the Audio tours ?
  9. How to create a personal tour and order it ?
  10. What is the Lviv Audio Guide and where I can get it ?
  11. How to get promo-code for Audio Guide ?

Lviv Audio guide is a mobile version of our site, which contains:
- An map of the city
- More than 1,000 objects of general purpose
- About 100 sights with text description and audio information
- Prepared thematic audio tours
- The ability to create personal tours with audio accompaniment

Our Audio guide has a number of advantages, which can be found on page of our site. http://any-type-tour.com/Lviv/audiotour.php?slanguage=4

Download Audio guide for FREE you can:
- from Main page of the site
- from Audio guide page
- from the Market
https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=lvivaudio.any_type_tour.com.lvivaudio2 - using QR code